A Well-rounded Program for
Well-rounded Results

Our mission is to help you achieve the healthy habits that are best suited to your personal goals and lifestyle. We offer a dedicated, professional, and friendly environment that is designed to support your healthier lifestyle while ensuring that your journey is a happy and healthy one by celebrating every step taken.

Your health should be the main priority in your life, so don’t let it slip through the cracks. DAILY INTAKE INC is here to ensure that you stay on the right track to achieving your health goals. 


Lifestyle change can be difficult, but adopting healthy habits may help manage weight in the long run.  A safe and effective weight-loss program should include a plan to keep the weight off over the long run. Always consult your healthcare professional for medical advice, before starting any weight loss any programs.

Our Values

Reliable Support
Genuine consideration
Committed in heart and mind
Honest and Transparent Service
Quality – What we do, we do well



Wellness Support
Nutritional Knowledge
Health Improvements
Emotional Improvements
Physical Improvements
2-5 lbs weekly Weight Loss
Weight Loss Management 


  • “Daily Intake saved my life. The changes I made in my diet made me feel better and filled me with the energy I didn’t know I had. I used to be lethargic and moody, but through some simple changes in my food habits, I was able to give my lifestyle the healthy change it needed. This is an honest and professional Weight Loss Coach who sits with you and takes the time to understand what your goals are. Highly recommended!” 

– Cathy Johnston

  •  “Daily Slim delivers added benefits to your weight loss journey, with a combination of effective supplements”  

– Sam Cho

  • “Most diets I have been on usually leads to significantly tougher restriction of what I can eat, which has always increase my chances of cheating, getting discouraged and never reaching my set goals. In all honesty I’m just not willing to compromise on food, I’m using the iOS version of the application in combination with the Daily Slim and it has given me the freedom to eat to make the choices that work best for me, and I’ve lost 14 pounds in 4 weeks this program feels more of a lifestyle tweak than a diet. 

 – Jada Brown

  • “Daily Intake weight loss program has given me the control to lose weight my way, eat foods in moderation and with reason. The easy to navigate app balances my carbohydrate and calories, YES! I’m allowed to eat carbs and with the added bonus of the Daily Slim which also provides a carb blocker, you just can’t go wrong. “

 – Amanda Bridges